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Newborns and Infants


While it may not seem like it during those initial sleepless nights, life moves so quickly from newborn to infant to toddler - and with each new milestone, the memories of those that came before it get a little fuzzier! (At least that is how it has been for me - but maybe mom brain is just amplified when you have twins?)

Whether a newborn session, infant milestones, or first birthday portraits, I can't wait to meet your little one and preserve the fleeting moments for you, so even if you can't remember how old your youngest was when they cut their first tooth, you'll always remember how cute their drooly smile was.

Newborn sessions take place at home, for the comfort and ease of both you and your baby. In addition to solo portraits of your newborn, we’ll capture photos of the full family together, and sibling photos when applicable. If a grandparent or other family member happens to be present to help with All Things Newborn Life, they are welcome to join in for a photo or two!

newborn sessions start at $450; contact me for full session details.

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