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family photos at ault park • cincinnati, ohio

Alia, Aiman, and their sweet trio live right across the street from my sister, but I was meeting them for the very first time when we got together at Ault Park for family photos this past spring. Prior to their session, my sister told me how incredibly well-behaved the kids are, and she did not exaggerate. Their oldest daughter, Raneem, was so sweet - offering to carry my camera bag for me, and even requesting that I get a photo of just her mom and dad by themselves (!!). Ahmed fulfilled his Middle Child responsibilities perfectly by bringing the silly smiles (and by being the master of dabbing), and Dahlia was totally and completely two years old. Here are a few of my favorites from our morning at the park together!

I loved this sweet shot above of just Aiman and the kids, which was quickly followed by the shot below...

... true life with a toddler! I can't remember what Dahlia was suddenly so upset about, but how precious is she even while screaming? I love how Ahmed and Raneem just tried to keep on smiling. Total pros!! 😂

During one of our early shots, I asked everyone for a silly face to help relax the kids a little bit (and because sometimes silly faces transition very easily into natural smiles and laughter!). Ahmed was quick to pull out his signature move, the Dab, which we would see many more times throughout the day...

Despite all the silliness and fun, we did get some great photos with everyone smiling as well, even little Dahlia. The kids were promised treats from Busken if they behaved during the photoshoot, and I think it's safe to say they very much earned it. Loved my time with you guys!

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