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family session at ault park • cincinnati, ohio

I remember when my friend Andrea was early in her second pregnancy, she told me that she'd love to chat with me about what it's like to be a mom of multiples. While normally I love sharing my twin advice and experience with friends, in this instance I felt like I was going to be totally useless, because Andrea wasn't have twins. Or even triplets. With a 1-yr old son already, she was now expecting quadruplets: three girls, and another boy.

Fast forward to now, and she and her husband Mike are total and complete PROS. I'm in awe of how smoothly they manage their crew and applaud them for how well they do it. It's hard enough to parent just one child; imagine what it's like with five, aged 2 and under?

I insisted they let me take some family photos for them, because I know just how hard it is to get in the picture when you're busy chasing tiny ones! We met at Ault Park recently, and I got to see their impressive transportation logistics first hand (minivan, 5 car seats, 2 double strollers!).

I can't lie - it's not easy to get five children to look in the same direction at the same time. But these so capture the chaos of multiples!

Big brother Teddy wasn't much in the mood for pictures. He was more interested in exploring the park, or pretending to be asleep to avoid me and my camera. He was allowed an early exit from our photo session along with dad (who drove separately, anticipating this may happen!), but not before I managed to grab at least one smile from him... even if it was mid-run!

We may not have captured the perfect everyone-smiling shot we always strive for, but I think the photos above so capture the chaos of life with multiples plus a toddler! And next time we'll remember to bring some bribery for Teddy to help make the session more fun for him 😉

I try to make a point with all of my family sessions to grab individual pictures of each child whenever possible, in addition to the sibling photos. Mikey, Hazel, Abigail and Molly are easy to tell apart by both their looks and their personalities - I love seeing how different they each are! But mostly I love seeing how they've grown in the past 8 months.

Although they were born prematurely, it's amazing to think that these four babies lived, grew, and thrived inside Andrea for as long as they did! Andrea had the same awesome care team at Good Sam that I did - if you ever find yourself in the position of having a high-risk pregnancy, Tri State Maternal Fetal Medicine truly is the best!

Andrea and Mike, thank you for letting me capture your sweeties! I know life is chaotic, but you are truly doing an amazing job!

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